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Scissor sharpening and hair conditioning treatments!
kasho hairdressing scissors

11th June 2020

I'm doing many things in the background before I reopen Mango! Having my scissors sharpened and also my clippers maintained is just one of them. 

As a member of the Freelance Hair Federation we get access and advice from some of the very best in the industry. We had a zoom session with Spencer Dudman and the following is the write up I did afterwards:





Mango Hair Design Leeds 

Mango reopen news and allergy patch testsmango hair design leeds reopen news and allergy patch test

28th April 2020

Until we get some definite news re the end of lockdown or partial lifting on restrictions, I can’t set a date for reopening Mango Hair.

What I can say for definite is that, following guidelines from the Freelance Hair Association all clients will need to be allergy patch tested before I can do any colour service. This applies to highlights too.





Mango Hair Design Leeds 

Hair survival tips during Covid-19 lock down UK




Mango Hair Design Leeds 

3 years studio based in the log cabin!!



 shag haircut trend

3rd February 2020


 shag hair cut

 Ethical hair colour

11th February 2020


 ethical hair colour vegan sens.us

 Special offer for Valentine's Day

21st January 2020

From now until the 14th February 2020 with every hair colour service booked you'll receive a £15 Mango gift voucher to use against your next colour appointment.


 special offer for valentines day


 Best salon in Leeds.

20th January 2020


 best salon in leeds award english hair and beauty awards


Manic panic vegan hair colours

Being a vegetarian who has the occasional vegan day in the week and who supports cruelty free campaigns and products I often wish that the wella products I use were also cruelty free. Sadly, they are not. This is always a problem for me as I often feel like a hypocrite as I use products that are not cruelty free. Hair colours, unfortunately, are rarely cruelty free or free from animal products such as lanolin or beeswax.manic panic vegan hair colour blue



Colour Me Beautiful and skin tone

colour me beautiful skin tone

 7th June 2017

Part of the Wella Master Colourist training looks in depth at skin tone and the client’s natural colouring. Having the right hair

colour makes such a difference to how you look and feel.



Don't lose your hairstyle!

mango hair salon leeds

 27th March 2017

Okay so we have all been there, you need a  new haircut and wouldn’t you know it, you can’t find your brush, you're looking high and low dreading the thought of going into work with your hair all frizzed out and messy.



Wella Master Colour Expert Congress

wella master colour expert

 13th November 2016

Once a year, as a Wella Master Colour Expert, I am invited to the Wella studios in Manchester for the Master Colour congress. 

I graduated as a Wella Master Colour Expert,  the hairdressing industry’s most prestigious colour course, in 2011. Wella Professionals run the Master Colour Expert programme to further develop established colourists and ensure that we are the very best in our field.  Being awarded with this fantastic qualification, makes us the most sought-after and in-demand professional colour specialists in the country.



Trichology Training day

trichology hair scalp conditions hair salon



Additional Lengths Remi Cachet Hair Extensions 

remi cachet human hair extensions



Cool Blondes

Beautiful cool blonde shades can be achieved using Wella Illumina.

Do you wear cool based make up? Match your hair to your skin tone and go cool!

Many salons charge a premium for using Illumina as the results truly are fantastic.


 My New Website!

I've been wanting a new website for ages but being busy (as we all are) never got 'around to it'. Until now :-)

I'm really pleased with it and want to thank Stephen @ Orange Crush Digital.